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That Kid on the Tire Swing

This photo hangs on my fridge. Its an iconic image from my childhood. The tire swing hung in a tree in Peg Hardesty’s yard at what was known at the time as Love Inn (what began as a Jesus-People community from the early 70's).

I haven’t always had a very healthy relationship with this little guy but in the last few years I’ve really been working to get to know him better. I’ve been learning to like him more and love him and have compassion and grace for him. 

I really love him…I miss him. 

Grateful for the journey of learning to love myself at every season of life. 

I never imagined how hard that would be. 

I never knew how important it is to do this until I began.

What snapshot of yourself from the past do you struggle to look at?

Take it out, find a few quiet minutes and give your full attention and grace to your past self in that image....

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