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Resistance Training

Growth happens in resistance.

Not all resistance lands negatively for us. There is resistive distress and resistive eustress - both create load and friction but they land differently and require very different leadership responses.

Resistive distress as the name implies are the obstacles, opponents, and storms we face that we experience as negativity. Sometimes that is our perspective and sometimes that is the destructive nature of what we face. More often it's a cocktail of the two.

Resistive eustress are challenges we face with a welcome positivity. It is the feeling we have when taking on a challenge we enjoy or find fulfilling despite the hardship that must be embraced and endured along the way.

A powerful truth I've learned is that even the worst distress - when endured, overcome,or simply survived - brings with it a measure of eustress.

Even better - it doesn't work both ways.

We build muscle mass only when we submit our muscles to a load that tears the fiber of the muscle. Too much tearing brings injury but even that experience is its own exercise.

The end result is an increase in power.

Power is protected by problems. Lean into the problems- bear the load and we access the power on the other side.

Beware the broken, they’re far stronger than they first appear.

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